In my line of work I register a lot of domain names (TLDs) for my clients. I also suggest alternative .com, .ie, .org TLDs. For example Marrons Brewery might might want to register or, but they have to settle for a longer domain like Although is perfectly fine and has good keywords in the name, it wasn’t want they wanted.

In this case I would suggest or as an alternative and/or additional domain to register. Sometimes these names can be taken along with an abbreviated alternative.

Now we can turn to gTLDs that offer more scope and variation. Examples of gTLDs are .irish, .blog, .rocks or .beer, .club, .bar, .global, .lawyer, .design. is a pretty cool domain name, if you are into that sort of thing.

Like real estate, people buy TLDs & gTLDs, sit on them, and hope that some day, someone comes looking for it so they can sell it at a higher price. This is called domaining. Domains have sold making domainers hundreds even millions of dollars, euros or whatever you are having yourself.

I’ve a very small portfolio of domains, some of which I had intended to use for side projects, but most sit in my portfolio… waiting.

Some domains I recently acquired are:

Who knows, maybe someday one of these will make me rich, or at least enough to cover the cost of the renewal bills.