Homebrew Batch 3

Home Brew Batch No.3

For Christmas 2014, I asked Santa for a homebrew beer kit, which he kindly obliged. Since January 2015 I tried brewing an IPA & a Wheat Beer all purchased from www.homebrewwest.ie.

The first brew, the IPA was the most successful. Although I didn’t have enough bottles at the time to bottle the entire brew, I got over half the brew bottled and it was not bad at all, it was strong too!

The second brew I tried was the wheat beer. Having had the experience from the first brew, I was confident it would be perfect. I was wrong. Something went awry! The beer poured well, but tasted off and didn’t keep it’s head for very long.

Last night I initiated homebrew number 3. Another IPA that is getting great reviews. All went well (from what I could tell). We’ll know in 10 days when I bottle it.